Armadillo Trailers

Armadillo Teardrops and Camper Kits are made in Texas, just outside San Antonio. Our history of enjoying the outdoors has been a family life-long love. Camping, fishing, hunting and exploring are just a few of our passions. You won’t see us frowning at Armadillo Teardrops; we have a track record of enjoying the outdoors and our passion shows. Our teardrop products  provide extra comfort and protection while traveling for us and our customers.

We began enjoying the teardrop experience several years ago and it has intensified with time. As native Texans we are fortunate to have an expanded area available for teardrop camping and travel. Our family has always been a part of  nature and outdoors. Originally a family of 5 (empty nesters now) we have always been innovative in our methods in experiencing our surroundings, whether it be by canoe, kayak, tents, tent trailers, or one of our teardrop trailers. So far the teardrop method of camping/exploring is what we value the most. . . click here to continue reading more about Armadillo Camper Kits.

Roadrunner Adventurer By Armadillo Camper Kits

Roadrunner Adventurer By Armadillo

Trailer Rentals:

Armadillo Camper Kits now Rents their complete line of Camp Trailers. From the Tent Based RoadRunner Adventurer to the 9′ Goliad Teardrop to the 8′ Bandera Teardrop, we’re sure you’ll love and enjoy traveling down the highways towing along an Armadillo Camper Kits Trailer. Contact us for Rental info.

Armadillo Camper Kits Bandera Teardrop Galley

Bandera 8′ Teardrop by Armadillo

Armadillo Trailer Sales:
Armadillo retails their entire line of Camp Trailers including the “RoadRunner Adventurer” camper and the “Teardrop” camper. Teardrops have been around for many years, but no one builds them like Armadillo. To own your own RoadRunner Adventurer or Teardrop Camp Trailer, check out or Exclusive Dealers, or, stop by their showroom. You can also contact Armadillo Camper Kits direct for Rental info. You can even try out one of our trailers before you buy. Simply rent the trailer of your choice and take it for a weekend, or even a week or two. We’re sure you’ll return with a smile on your face and ready to purchase a Lifetime of Adventures.

Don’t forget to checkout our Specifications, Pricing & Comparison chart to see which trailer fits your needs.

Armadillo Camper Kits Goliad Teardrop Full Galley with Stove and Storage Space

Goliad 9′ Teardrop by Armadillo