Armadillo Specifications, Features & PricingFrequently Asked Questions

Q: Are Armadillo Trailers camp trailers made and assembled in America?

A: While it is nearly impossible these days to procure all American materials, we do give it the old American try, with few exceptions our product is produced with American materials and 100% local American labor.   USA! USA! USA!

Q: Where can I buy an Armadillo camper?

A: Currently our trailers can be purchased through our product dealer located in Burnet, Texas. Click here for Dealer info.

Q: If I am not sure I want to purchase a trailer, can I demo one?

A: Yes, normally our dealer has a demo model available; Click here for Dealer info and Availability. Or,  Contact us for Rental info.

Q: What colors are available for cabin exterior sides and interior paint?

A: Our standard exterior wall colors are Yellow, White, Green, Red and Blue. If customers desire another color, we can arrange a different color from the many available.

Q: How are assembled/completed trailers shipped?

A: In most cases an inventory trailer can be special delivered to you or you can pick it up at Rogers Motors, for customers within 600 miles of our facility we will meet you or your representative at a pre-arranged halfway point at a flat fee of $250. Depending on your distance from our facility we can quote a fixed price delivered to your desired destination.

Q: Do the trailers have a Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin or Title?

A: Yes, our trailers are delivered with authorized VIN’s, MCO, and invoice? You will need these three items to register in your state.

Q: When the trailer is delivered or picked up at the dealer, is it licensed?

A: Our dealer will supply you a temporary Texas Paper License Plate, it is your responsibility to license your new camper in your county or state.

Q: How are trailer components fastened or attached to one another in the assembly process?

A: All joints are glued or epoxied, then attached via stainless steel screws.

Q: Is the trailer underside waterproof?

A: Yes all under carriage joints with the frame are sealed with a high quality sealant caulk and composite solid water shield to protect the trailer floor from road moisture.

Q: I have a question not found in the FAQ’s or I need more info?

A: We are happy to answer any of your questions, please email us at ron@armadillocamperkits.com or call 1-877-931-6266, or text to 210-573-4240, or use our contact form.